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Discover the essence of Longhorn Protective Group LLC: Uncover the reasons behind our mission and what propels us forward.

About Longhorn protective group llc

We’re the best in the business.

At Longhorn Protective Group it is our mission to craft the next generation of security leaders, security officers, and security services. We would like to personally thank you all for your belief and trust in us. Daily we are humbled by outgrowing support we receive from our clients and customers statewide.

At Longhorn Protective Group our goal is to revive and restructure our communities , and reconstruct the public opinion on the Private Security Industry. The training we put into our team is like none other, our training program took over a year to put together. I structured this company with community in mind first.

Our Mission Plan:

Longhorn Protective Group mission is to provide our clients with a reliable, professional, and personalized service.

Longhorn Protective Group strives to provide state of the art training to all of their employees and clients, to create a safer and more secure world. 

Prepare- Longhorn Protective Group is on a mission to prepare our clients, employees, and the general public on how to prepare for safety for generations to come.

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